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tallymark [userpic]

Anthrocon, here we go!

June 14th, 2012 (02:22 pm)

Life is kicking my butt. Work is a mess. Relationships are a mess. Some family stuff is going down. The end of my contract is impending. Debt is piling on. Career is floundering and flailing.

Trying to deal with all these things at once is leaving me bogged down in a mire of anxiety 24/7. Therefore, screw it. I'm taking the weekend off and I'm taking off. I've got an invite from some brony friends to caravan down to Anthrocon this weekend, and I'm DOING IT. Screw you, Boston! Screw you, complicated emotional entanglements! I'm roadtripping all night down to Pittsburgh! :D

I'm gonna meet my favorite fanasy artist and maybe buy a painting off her, see lots of great costumes and crazy animal art (Get your mind out of the gutter, you guys. Most of the furry fandom is not about kink, it's about cute fuzzy critters), and derp around in a new city.

So, I'm going to go clear my head for a few days, and THEN I'll set about getting my life back on track. :)

Spontaneous Convention Road Trip, here we go.

(On a completely unrelated note, I caught a Largemouth Bass at work today. Woot!).

tallymark [userpic]

Two art thefts in one week?! WTF?

May 8th, 2012 (12:35 am)

Oh hey, another art theft on Deviantart...someone applied a basic Photoshop filter to the image of my white dragon and then put it in their gallery claiming they painted it.

I am not amused, internet. I am not amused.

tallymark [userpic]

Art success & art fail

May 3rd, 2012 (12:37 am)

Been so caught up in relationship drama that I forgot to mention I got a Daily Deviation last month! It's this thing on Deviantart where they feature a few pieces each day that stood out to them in some way. (if you ever get a thousand favs on an image overnight, you've probably got a daily deviation..). It's my second one, and seeing as I never thought I'd get just the one, I was pretty blown away. 

It's my cheshire cat, here: http://tallydragon.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2u5qga

However, not long after, I learned that the image of one of my early (and admittedly flawed) works made its way out into the internet without any accompanying information and...well, the internet did what the internet does. It first appeared on a site called 9gag  ( http://9gag.com/gag/3807251 ), and most of the comments were pretty insulting, but most of the people also couldn't figure out that it was art. =/ I tried to inform them of the source of the image but was ignored. Fortunately I'm old enough to shrug it off. It was both amusing and offensive. The kinda fun part though is how many people commented with "Looks kind of like Discord!" (This is a My Little Pony reference. You know how I feel about My Little Pony! ). And not long after,it made its way onto Bronies memebase ( http://bronies.memebase.com/2012/04/13/my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-the-little-god-of-chaos/#postcomment
 ) with a hilarious caption. Being a big brony myself I'm totally okay with this one. ^__^

Buuuuut, another viewer just informed me that they found the image of my dragon uploaded into someone else's Deviantart gallery. Now THAT, I am not okay with. The person who uploaded it stated that it wasn't their art but did not link to me, and of course they didn't because I doubt they have any idea I made it. (They shouldn't have done it anyway--it's clearly art, and they clearly didn't make it, so WHY would you put it in your gallery?). This is the problem with how easily people take pictures and pass them around--they become completely disassociated from the source. I no longer have any control over my image, and the vast majority of people who see it will never know it is my property. I guess I should be watermarking, but those are easily removed anyway.

It is sort of flattering that enough people recognize my artwork that they know it on sight and were kind enough to report back to me--I don't visit any of these pages, I was told by people who view my gallery. But who knows how many other places my image is that I don't know about? People are using *my* art to boost their own popularity/views...not cool.

tallymark [userpic]

(no subject)

January 6th, 2012 (05:16 pm)
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Am back from Charleston! Very pretty old city, good times were had. :) Me and another girl met a random dude who showed us a real speakeasy (where I had some 1920's blueberry and mint drink) and a rooftop view of the city, and told us all kinds of quirky local stuff since he used to be a tour guide. I had one day to explore the city myself, and I had plans to see the important sights but mostly wandered through art galleries, markets, and coffee shops. Am quite content with that.

The conference was great too, though OMFG, my bill for this is staggering. Am sad I left the convention halfway through, but more nights meant more hotels. Also, I left because I'm going to another My Little Pony convention, because I just haven't been geeky enough this week I guess. XD

Off to NY, see you later everypony!

tallymark [userpic]


January 2nd, 2012 (01:00 pm)

Happy New Year everybody! I'll prolly do one of those year meme thingies when I have time. Just want to wish everyone a better year than the last (which for me, for the most part, was rock bottom, so my standards aren't set high). Go out there and be awesome!

Also, does anyone have any recommendations for things to do/places to eat in Charleston, SC? (on a budget and a time crunch). I'm going to a conference in North Charleston tomorrow and will be there through thursday evening. I have to pay all my own expenses (including airfare AUGH) and will not have a car, so I'm limited to places I can get by bus and can afford on my poor person's budget. Plus I'll be obligated to spend most of my time at the actual convention, networking like nobody's business. But since this out of pocket, nixing money I may have had for a proper vacation later on (whygodwhy), I'd like to get a little local flavor and enjoy myself. Especially given that I am subjecting myself to a 6am flight on my birthday, and its for WORK, and its COSTING ME MONEY. -_-;; (yes, it ought to be covered since its for work, no, it won't, don't ask).

I know some of you guys live in/have been to the south so I figured I'd ask if anything comes to mind. I like nature, fun foods and coffee shops. :)

tallymark [userpic]

Your Ponies. Give Them To Me.

September 24th, 2011 (12:52 am)

im'a go to the pony convention tomorrow. ^_^

my inner child will at last be appeased. lets just hope my wallet will not be emptied. put an adorable purple pony on something and all internal resistance goes out the window...curse you, Hasbro, for raising me to compulsively need your (or rather, MY) little ponies.

(confound those ponies)

tallymark [userpic]

should be happy

September 14th, 2011 (01:18 am)

I should post here more.

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anyways. don't mind me. hope all is well with the rest of the internet.

tallymark [userpic]

Update Re: Hurricane

August 28th, 2011 (09:30 pm)

I was right: alcohol is essential to hurricane survival. We lost power at about 2pm and are still out (I'm mooching wifi at McDonald's). Trees are down everywhere and the basement is flooding; we spent a few hours hauling buckets of water upstairs before giving up.

Being without power doesn't bother me that much, aside from the flooding thing (after all, I just spent three months in the bush), but my family is COMPLETELY UNABLE TO COPE. I cannot even describe it. 

Thus, I am reduced to alcohol. 'Fraid I didn't get to throw myself a party, but this fiasco isn't over yet, and I'm gonna need a few drinks to make it through the night. I just wish I'd put the Amarula in the fridge before the power went out. (I was looking forward to finally trying it...elephants get drunk off it!).

Anyway, hope everyone has weathered the storm safely. May you have power and internet and relatives with coping skills. :)

tallymark [userpic]

Hurricane Preparedness Tips:

August 27th, 2011 (01:59 am)

Having just come from the Bahamas, where getting slammed by hurricanes is, unfortunately, a way of life, I picked up a few hurricane survival tips from the islanders that I thought I would share with my New England brethren, since if anybody knows how to handle hurricanes, it's the Bahamians. The traditional* way to get through a hurricane is to throw a Hurricane Party.  You bring all the rum you can and you hole up somewhere with your family and friends (in your house if it's a category 1 through 3; in a designated shelter or a cave if its 4 or 5 and you haven't managed to get the hell off the island) and have a rowdy good time until the storm goes away.

You still get hit by a hurricane, but you have rum. 

A little rum won't hurt at this point. Think about it.

(On a personal note: Yes, I'm back in the states. I left well before the storm hit the Bahamas, but it's gone and followed me up north anyway, so  I guess I'll be seeing it soon. And yes, I took the tech job. Too burned out to go into details right now. Will try to later.)

*(This really is traditional. I'm serious).

tallymark [userpic]

More job angst. I know. It's pitiful.

August 5th, 2011 (04:58 pm)

 Hey guys,

Looking for advice again. So my time in the Bahamas is almost up, and I need to figure out what to do next. I really want to travel and do more exciting field work, and make a living doing something I love, but I’m also in debt up to my neck in loans. My advisor sent me a posting for a lab tech job from someone he knows, and I figured it couldn’t hurt so I sent in an application, ended up getting a phone interview, and if I want it the job is mine. I just don’t know what I want.

Failing at lifeCollapse )Failing at lifeCollapse )

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